{Eating Out} Fortune Cookie: American Style Chinese in Shanghai

Originally I hadn’t planned on writing about Shanghai’s restaurants on my blog, but then I thought about how much I like reading other peoples’ blogs with restaurant reviews. It’s pretty much how I decide where to eat amongst Shanghai’s 1000’s of restaurants. The good thing about Shanghai is that compared to other cities in China, it is a food lover’s paradise. Pretty much any type of cuisine you can think of, Shanghai has it. The restaurants range from prices in the $1000’s to your local fried dumpling place that will run you $.50.

Up until a few months ago, the one thing that Shanghai lacked was American style Chinese food. I know this sounds like some weird foodception, and it pretty much is. You can get delicious authentic Chinese food on every corner, but in real Chinese food there is no General Tsao’s Chicken, Mu Shu Pork, or Beef & Broccoli. A travesty, I know. If you’re idea of a fun Saturday night is ordering greasy Kung Pao Chicken and watching Game of Thrones, you are pretty much out of luck here in China. Enter: Fortune Cookie.

Shrimp Toasts and Beef & Broccoli

Shrimp Toasts and Beef & Broccoli

Fortune Cookie (No. 83 Changshu Road) opened a few months ago, and I have heard nothing but good things. This weekend we decided to go for it. I love love love authentic Chinese food, but I would be lying if I said that I couldn’t use a heaping plate of Orange Chicken now and again. The restaurant space is a little bit small, but so well done. It is very clean and well decorated. Even though we had to wait for about 20 minutes, they gave us a basket of fried wonton strips (like you put on top of hot & sour soup) and a little bowl of sweet & sour sauce, the Chinese version of chips and salsa, if you will.

We ordered Crab Rangoon, Shrimp Toast, Beef & Broccoli, Orange Chicken and Mushu Pork. Everything was spot on authentic American style Chinese food.


Crab Rangoon

Beside the food, the standout aspect was the service. Anyone who has eaten anywhere in China knows that the customer service culture doesn’t really exist here. “The customer is always right” is more like “The customer is always getting on my nerves” in China. For newcomers it can be pretty off-putting, but you get used to it (the way you get used to everyone pointing and yelling “foreigner” when they see you). Fortune Cookie makes you feel like you’re eating Chinese food at a restaurant in your hometown.

Beef & Broccoli

Beef & Broccoli

Most dishes are between $7 – $10 (USD), that coupled with the $3 PBR’s and the fact that they use those awesome stereotypical fold up take out boxes, I am definitely going again.

Happy Eating!



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