{Eating Out} Southern Style Brunch: Boxing Cat Brewery

Weekend brunch is an institution in Shanghai. Almost all of the Western restaurants have a brunch menu, brunch specials, brunchapalooza, whatever you want to call it. One of my favorite places to go (and not only for brunch) is Boxing Cat Brewery. Boxing Cat has some great southern style food, and for a girl from South Carolina who needs her grits fix, it’s heaven. Boxing Cat brews its own beer, and they do not disappoint. For all you Shanghaiers who haven’t tried the Contender Pale Ale, I suggest you hightail it down there and get a glass, its the best.


The food at BCB is definitely American portions, you really will be surprised by how much is on the plate. They have everything from salads & burgers, to ribs and killer deserts, but what hooked me is the brunch. I may or may not have tried pretty much everything on the menu, but what keeps me coming back are the rosemary biscuits with andouille sausage gravy (complete with two poached eggs and potatoes). The American portions come with an American price tag, 75RMB, so about USD 12, but it is worth every penny.

Biscuits & Gravy

Biscuits & Gravy

We also tried another new biscuit and egg dish today, it was spicy bbq pork over biscuits with poached eggs, a cajun cream sauce, grilled okra, and cheese grits. Um, yes please. This was 85RMB (about USD 13). It was good, I would say 4 out of 5 stars. My only complaint was the the eggs were a little undercooked for me. I am a tad picky about eggs, I probably like them a little more done than your average person, and my boyfriends eggs were perfect, so mine were probably just a fluke šŸ™‚

BBQ biscuits & grits

BBQ biscuits & grits

You can add coffee, tea, or a soda to your brunch for 15RMB, which I always do. Anyone who knows me know I love a good coffee. The service was great as always, they really have nailed customer service there. We ordered our Thanksgiving dinner from BCB, after a fiasco where we booked a table and our reservation was lost and we lost the table. They gave us a huge discount and a free pumpkin pie for our troubles, but the turkey alone was worth 1000 lost reservations. The waiters there are always prompt, attentive, and smiling, which as anyone who lives in Shanghai knows is a blessing from above.


All in all, Boxing Cat is a win. Brunch is amazing, go check it out!


Biscuits & Gravy

BBQ Biscuits & Grits

BBQ Biscuits & Grits


One thought on “{Eating Out} Southern Style Brunch: Boxing Cat Brewery

  1. booboo56 says:

    Oh, E! I am booking a flight for next weekend, so I can go to Boxing Cat with you! Your daddy let me know about your blog. I enjoy it! Much love to you! We are wonderful — another business trip coming up in February for the European Banking Group! This time, Paris! Can’t wait to get back there — has been 20 years since my last time…much too long!

    Sounds like you are well. Much love. Tatee

    Sent from my iPad…Betsy


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