{Eating Out} Mr. Pancake House

Shanghai has no shortage of brunch spots, ranging from the excruciatingly expensive to the 1 dollar egg pancake street cart. Even though you can pretty much get anything you want, sometimes all you need is a huge, carb-laden plate of eggs and pancakes.  Mr. Pancake House is my go-to spot for said carb festival. As far as Shanghai prices go, Mr. Pancake House is cheap. Average breakfast plates costs around 50RMB (about 8 USD). Of course my favorite thing about Mr. Pancake House is the coffee. For an extra 10RMB (1.50 USD), you can add the elusive bottomless coffee to your brunch. That is one thing I miss about the States, coffee is always refillable at home, but in Shanghai it’s a rarity.

Behold, the Chorizo Breakfast Scramble.


The name of this dish is a little misleading, it’s not so much a scramble as it is an omelet, but it is amazing none the less. The omelet is full of veggies and spicy sausage, topped with salsa. This monstrosity comes with potatoes and two pancakes. I’d like to pretend I didn’t clean my plate, but I totally did.


They have all sorts of breakfast plates with bacon, sausage, omelets, pancakes, and french toast galore. Although I always stick the the classics, they have all sorts of pancakes, like banana walnut, apple cinnamon, and chocolate chip. They have non-breakfast food too,  I’ve tried a burger and it was delicious.



There are 2 locations in Jing’an, one on Wuding and one on Julu, and a third location in Zhongshan Park. The Wuding Road location is the biggest one, and it is usually the easiest to get a table quickly. I went to the original location on Julu road around 12:15, and didn’t sit down until 1. It will be well worth the wait, both for your belly and your wallet.


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