{Eating Out} Kommune

Today was a perfect day for brunch. Nice and sunny, not too hot or cold, and a relatively low AQI. I ventured out with a friend to a quaint little area of Shanghai called Tianzi Fang. This area is a nice escape from the 80 story skyscrapers of downtown Shanghai, it is a maze of small lanes full of tiny restaurants, tea shops, and artsy stores. Because the weather was so nice, I was worried about finding a good brunch spot, but we really lucked out and got a table outside at Tianzi Fang’s best brunch spot, Kommune.


Kommune has a great courtyard right in the center of Tianzi Fang, it is crowded all day when the weather is good, so prepare to wait. But the wait is oh so worth it. They have a small brunch menu but the variety of choices is still there, as well as sandwiches, wraps, and salads. What is brunch without a good cup of coffee (or a cocktail), and Kommune has both. I got one of the biggest cups of coffee I’ve ever had in Shanghai and I loved every minute.


Gigantic cup of coffee


Salt, Pepper & Sugar

I kept seeing peoples’ wraps coming out of the kitchen, and I was super tempted to go the lunch route, but the “Avocado Tomato Smashed” caught my eye. Kommune is a little bit pricey, my meal was 78RMB (about 11 USD). It was two sunny-side up eggs on a slice of bread, with a salad of avocado, basil, tomato, and feta cheese. The portion was really generous, I felt like there was almost an entire avocado in the dish, so combined with the atmosphere it was totally worth the price.


My friend ordered the bacon omelet, which I stole a bit of and really enjoyed. It was really cheesy, which can be rare at the more run-of-the-mill brunch places which tend to skimp on the cheese (I’m looking at you Mr. Pancake House). Her’s was 68 RMB (about 10 USD), and came with two slices of toast.


The presentation was one of my favorite parts of the meal. The giant tin coffee mugs with dents in the side, the salt & pepper in little test tubes, and the butter in a little soup spoon were all nice touches, but the food presentation was great. My dish came in a small frying pan, and all the sandwiches came stacked on little cutting boards. It’s nice to see that they put so much effort into the little details, it makes the bill that comes afterwards a little less painful.


The service was also top-notch, prompt and friendly. All in all, bunch at Kommune during the nice summer weather is a must. Be aware, however, that from June to August there is a 12.5% surcharge added to the bill, I’m guessing peak season is pretty brutal due to the awesome location and tasty food. Go get you some before the heat (and the prices) start to go up.



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