{Eating Out} The Grumpy Pig

Yet another week has gone by, and yet another weekly brunch date with my bestie. This week, we went to a great place on Maoming Bei Road behind the Nanjing Xi Road metro station called The Grumpy Pig. The front of the restaurant is a little shop, then on through the shop is the seating space. Although it is small, all the walls and ceiling are glass, so it feels very spacious. The brunch fare is very much southern inspired, and honestly everything on the menu looked good so choosing was difficult.

20140330_151220 (300x400)

There a few small plate options and several mains, along with a delicious looking selection of desserts and scrumptious cocktails. I went with the “Bennewho?”, which consisted of a southern-style biscuit topped with hickory-smoked pork neck, a poached egg and mustard creme sauce. It. was. delicious. This dish was 70RMB (about 11 USD), and came with a tasty side salad.

20140330_152956 (400x300)My friend opted for the granola and yogurt with honey (35 RMB), and the cast-iron “fry-tatta” (55 RMB), which is exactly what it sounds like: a veggie frittata with french fries baked into it. All of the dishes has beautiful presentation, but the granola was especially nice, and really tasty too (I stole a bite, naturally).

20140330_152346 (400x300)

20140330_153043 (400x300)The wait staff was really professional and attentive and the chef came out during our meal to check on everything, which I thought was a nice touch. Next time I go back I will definitely be trying something called “crack pie”, I have been craving a good dessert. Oh, I almost forgot one of the most important components of brunch, the coffee! Their regular coffee is relatively cheap, only 18 RMB for a cup. But alas, like so many other Shanghai brunch spots it’s not bottomless šŸ˜¦

20140330_152112 (400x300)

It’s definitely prime brunch weather in Shanghai right now. It’s been a little rainy, but most days it is sunny and in the mid-60’s, I have made it my mission to try all the spots on my list before it gets so hot I refuse to leave the air conditioning. Summer here is absolutely brutal.

All in all, the Grumpy Pig is a great brunch spot, can’t wait to go back and get my hands on some of that Crack Pie. Check them out online here. It doesn’t hurt that their logo is really awesome, the angriest looking pig I’ve ever seen, I’ll definitely be going back soon!

20140330_153354 (400x300)


2 thoughts on “{Eating Out} The Grumpy Pig

  1. Jessica says:

    This sounds delicious – in fact, after looking at the menu, it ALL sounds delicious. We’ve only been in Shanghai for two weeks now – but I do believe it’s time we jump on the brunch bandwagon! Thanks for sharing your food finds.

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