{Eating Out} Madison

My love affair with eating out for weekend brunch in Shanghai started with Madison. I went on one of the first weekends after I moved here, and after hearing about how Shanghai was going to be so expensive that I would have to live on 2 eggs and one bowl of rice a week, I was really surprised at how affordable Madison is.

It is one of the most popular brunch spots in Shanghai, reservations are a must. The dining space is modern and very minimalist, which makes the rooms look huge. The brunch menu is full of savory and sweet classics. While the food is quite affordable, bring your wallet if you’re going to drink. Following suit with every other place in Shanghai, drinks are expensive. They are quite delicious, but I will warn you: If you are going to drink a Bloody Mary, I hope you like it spicy.

While my friends were in town this weekend I wanted to treat them to a good brunch (also I really wanted to try Madison’s Scotch Eggs, but they don’t need to know that), so we headed over to check it out.Ā  There were several of us so we went for some appetizers and mains and ate our way right into a collective food coma.

20140412_131939 (400x286)

Duck Fat Fries

You read that right, Duck Fat Fries (RMB 58, $9). We sat down and my friend’s eyes bee-lined straight to the fries. The come with both gravy and cheese dipping sauces. I can’t really describe how amazing these babies are, I don’t really know how many calories I ate/drank at Madison this weekend, but I don’t really care. These fries are worth every bite. We also ordered the Scotch Eggs (RMB 44, $7), which I had been wanting to try for so long.

They use duck eggs for this dish at Madison, they are boiled, wrapped in sausage and fried, served with wholegrain mustard and arugula. They were so tasty, I am definitely going back for these.

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

Even though I was stuffed after the apps, we still had 3 main courses to get through. I didn’t manage to snap pics of my friends meals, because they were inhaled in about 10 seconds flat. One friend went for the chicken and waffle sandwich (RMB 68, $11), which I’ve had before and is so delicious. My other friend had the grilled cheese with truffle oil (RMB 48, $8). I opted for a more traditional bagel with lox and herbed cream cheese (RMB 78, $12). Can’t go wrong with a classic like that, and Madison does it right!

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Smoked Salmon Bagel

One adventurous soul at brunch ordered the cinnamon roll (RMB 32, $5), but she was so full after the main courses that she could barely eat it. It fell to the rest of us to help her finish this monstrosity.Ā  It was swimming in frosting and I could only muster the strength for one bite, but it was a glorious bite indeed. The perfect end to a perfect brunch.

Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll

The service at Madison is spot on, and everyone on the wait staff speaks English. All in all it is a quintessential Shanghai brunch experience. Make a reservation and go enjoy a food coma of your own!

Madion’s website can be found here, and the brunch menu here.


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