{Eating Out} Bon App: Crepes & Tartines

*As is the fate of many Shanghai restaurants, Bon App has sadly closed. RIP*

First of all, let me say that I (ashamedly) don’t know much about French food, and because of that I tend to shy away from eating at French restaurants. That is definitely not due to a shortage of French restaurants in Shanghai. Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t  pronounce 99% of the dishes, or maybe I’m just a culinary peasant. I have decided to stop being a big baby regarding French food and educate myself, which is actually really easy considering my many French friends. This weekend I started my journey with baby steps at Bon App, a small Creperie in Jing’an. We went to Bon App for brunch (what else do I ever do on the weekends?), and I was really pleasantly surprised at the brunch deal. It really is bang for your buck for the weekend brunch set. For 88 RMB (14 USD), You get a plate with 2 eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes & grilled tomato, a basket of toast with butter & jam, a crepe with the choice of chocolate, nutella, or caramel, AND a small glass of OJ and a pot of coffee. Can you say food coma?

OJ and coffee at Bon App

OJ and coffee at Bon App

20140427_135940 (400x300)

Breakfast Set at Bon App

Of course I had to go for this option, and when my nutella crepe came at the end of the meal, I thought there was no way I was going to finish the whole thing and basically lick the plate clean — I was wrong.

Nutella Crepe

Nutella Crepe

I really like the location in Jing’an. It is on Wuding Road right past the intersection with YanPing road. From the Changping Road metro station it takes about 10 minutes to walk. It is definitely an up-and-coming little are for restaurants, a couple of other places have popped up among the fruit stands. The space inside is quite small, but really well done. They also have a little patio space that will be prime real estate in the coming summer, definitely less crowded than the French Concession.

Bon App on Wuding Road

Bon App on Wuding Road

The servers were very nice, though not the best English speakers I’ve ever encountered. The owner came out to check on the meal which I thought was nice touch, although I can’t be sure what he really said since he was speaking French the whole time while I smiled and nodded (I’m a French chameleon). The menu has lots of crepes, galettes, tartines, and salads. I would like to go back and try a few more things while taking advantage of the sunshine on the patio. All in all it was a really nice brunch experience, definitely affordable and tasty.

Breakfast set at Bon App

Breakfast set at Bon App

Take a look at the website for location, menu, and prices: here. Bon Appétit!


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