{Eating Out} Dixie Grill

One of the best parts about the food scene in Shanghai is every possible niche you can think of is occupied with a bar, restaurant, or food stall. Want to eat Korean/Mexican fusion “food truck” style tacos? There’s a place for that. Enter: Dixie Grill.

You would think with a name like that the specialty would be Southern American food (yummm cheese grits), but it is truly a misnomer as this little two table restaurant recently opened on Changle Road sells tacos, sandwiches, quesadillas, and the holy grail of all french fries: Korean Poutine.

Korean "Poutine"

Korean “Poutine”

Although I have never partaken in actual poutine (french fries with gravy and cheese curds) this is not that. This is a whole new level of french fry glory.

This “poutine” consists of seasoned fries, smothered in kimchi (Korean spicy fermented cabbage, don’t knock it till you try it), pulled pork, some sort of spicy ketchup-like sauce, jalapenos, cheese, and is served with a chipotle tarragon mayo. I am pretty sure I ate this basket of fries in 3 minutes flat and seriously considered ordering another.

The best part, this basket of fries is definitely a full meal and will only cost you 28RMB (4.50 USD)

20140501_144658 (400x300)

As if this could get any more confusing, the owner of this Korean/Mexican fusion restaurant is a Vietnamese American (which explains the Po-boy/Banh mi mash up style sandwiches also gracing this glorious menu).

This guy was so friendly to us when we walked in. They were creating a new salad for the menu and gave it to us to taste-test (read: inhale) free of charge. After we embarrassed ourselves eating these fries, he brought us out a banana-peanut butter quesadilla (25RMB, 4USD) to really round out our self-loathing.

20140501_151804 (300x400)

When my friend comes to visit for Dragon Boat Festival (Yes, you read that right), I know this is the first place he’ll want to go. I’ve got my eyes on the spicy shrimp taco and the sweet potato fries for next time.

This place is great for lunch on a nice day. There are two little tables inside and one 2-seater out on the sidewalk. Get a Corona, get Kimchi Poutine, and definitely have a conversation with owner, this place is a great addition to Changle Road.

French Fry eating Selfie

French Fry eating Selfie


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