Spicy Tuna Spaghetti

Even though I love pasta, I tend not to eat a lot of it. That way when I finally come around and make pasta, I really enjoy it. This pasta dish is one of those “clean out the fridge” kind of dinners. I am not going to say that I was too lazy to go to the store and buy groceries for the week, let’s just say I was up for a good culinary challenge. I had a can of tuna, some spaghetti, and a big container of crushed red peppers I ground up last week, so I whipped up a spicy tuna spaghetti (not the most creative name, I know).


You don’t have to make this a spicy pasta, but if you know me you know I love spicy food. Actually one of my favorite quick dinners is noodles with olive oil, crushed red pepper, and parmesan cheese. There are a lot of other flavors in this pasta, so you won’t miss the spice if you don’t add it. I wanted to add some ingredients that would compliment the tuna, so I went with garlic, shallots, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon juice and fresh basil.

20140524_173929I made enough for two servings so I wouldn’t have to cook lunch tomorrow, but this recipe would be really easy to adjust. I am sure it would taste amazing with a seared tuna steak, but as a poor expat in China, I went with canned tuna. Canned tuna is super underrated, it brings a fishy, salty flavor to pasta dishes, which I love (but I also love anchovies on pizza, so can you really trust me?) You probably have all of these ingredients in the house already, so whip up some tuna spaghetti!

pasta 2Ingredients:

  • Spaghetti (enough to serve 2-3 people)
  • 1 can of tuna
  • 3-4 sun-dried tomatoes
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 3 shallots
  • 1 bunch fresh basil
  • 1 t crushed red pepper
  • 1/4 of a lemon
  • olive oil
  • salt & pepper to taste

How To:

  • Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and cook spaghetti (al dente)
  • While the spaghetti is cooking, peel and dice garlic & shallots. Also chop tomatoes and basil
  • Drain the water out of the tuna, set aside.
  • In a sauce pan, heat a few tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat.
  • Saute garlic and shallots for about 1 min until fragrant. Add the crushed red pepper and continue to saute until the shallots start to cook
  • Toss in the tuna and sun-dried tomatoes and stir for a few minutes to combine the flavors
  • Add in the cooked spaghetti and a generous drizzle of olive oil, mixing for a few minutes on low heat.
  • Turn off the heat and season with salt & pepper, stir in fresh basil and squeeze in the juice from about 1/4 of a lemon.
  • Toss well and adjust seasoning as you see fit.
  • Pig out.


Can’t wait to chow down on these leftovers tomorrow!




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