[Exciting] Announcements!

As you may have noticed, the blog has been on a bit of hiatus.

Things have been happening in my life, keeping me busy, and keeping me out of the kitchen. I started a new job, moved into a new apartment, and most importantly, got married!! Shiraz and I decided to make it forever and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to tie the knot. It was the perfect  culmination of our many years in China, taking pictures on a stage in front of the Chinese flag and seal of the Communist party.

[Shanghai Spice] Wedding!

Shiraz and I signing our marriage license in Nanjing

 We spent the weekend with a few close friends, including Shiraz’s brother, and several of his close friends from back home, and one of my very best friends from college. It was very special to be able to share the day with people that we love. We did all of the typical Nanjing things we could, like take a boat out onto Xuanwu Lake, and hike up to Sun Yat Sen’s Mausoleum.

[Shanghai Spice] Selfies!

Selfies from Sun Yat Sen’s Tomb

 We had a great time celebrating with some close friends, but missed our lovely families who couldn’t make it all the way the to China for the festivities. We plan on having a big party back in the States one day, so we’ll keep you posted

For now, Shiraz is visiting family back in Pakistan, and he took our camera with him to take some photos of life back home.

In case you didn’t know, Shiraz is a very talented photographer. I take pictures of cookies and bread, and he specializes in street photography, capturing wonderful pictures of everyday life around China.

[Shanghai Spice] Shiraz's photography

One of my favorites from Shiraz’s photography.

When he comes home at the end of the month hopefully he’ll let me share some more of his pictures from Karachi on the blog. Until then (since my iphone 4 camera has just about bit the dust) the blog will be on a little break.

I am hoping to take the time the settle into my new job and new apartment, and then I’ll be back with some more good eats!

Until then, enjoy the last of your summer. Winter (and pumpkin spice) is coming.

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